Enhanced quality control and Industry 4.0 integration with the new WeldEye mobile application

A new mobile application has been launched for WeldEye welding management software. It acts as a mobile user interface for the cloud-based WeldEye software and offers a new set of tools for managing welding quality, welding production processes, and productivity.

The WeldEye app is available for download free of charge on mobile devices with Android 6.0 or above from Google Play. Its use requires an active Kemppi WeldEye account.

The connection between the WeldEye app and welding equipment is established with a Digital Connectivity Module (DCM) that collects welding data and enables wireless data transfer. The app then uploads the data into the WeldEye cloud service via Wi-Fi, or mobile network which is especially helpful when welding in areas where Wi-Fi is not available.

The DCM is natively compatible with Kemppi's FastMig product family. The WeldEye adapters can be used to establish a connection with any other welding equipment model or brand.

Paperless production

By using the WeldEye app with Welding Procedures, welders can easily access and browse their company’s WPS library with their mobile phones. When welding data is collected with the Quality Management module, they can also receive digital work orders, report work progress, and get feedback on their welds, including heat input values. Such features make paperless production become a reality, while WeldEye’s real-time integration APIs to ERP/MES systems bring Industry 4.0 closer to the users.

Significant cost savings

The collection of digital welding data and verification against digitally stored WPSs can bring significant cost savings and improve productivity. When a welding deviation can be caught in real-time and fixed without delay, companies with global manufacturing and supplies can be sure that their products meet the requirements of different welding standards and global sales at all times.

Digital solutions are constantly gaining ground in the welding industry because of their huge potential. Only by monitoring compliance with welding standards can we be sure that the welds around us are risk-free and of high quality. WeldEye provides an easy way of doing just that – now also with your mobile phone.