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WeldEye offers two free options for trying the welding management software: WeldEye ArcVision or WeldEye for Welding Procedure and Qualification Management.

Companies using Kemppi Master M 358 or X5 FastMig (with APC wire feeder) welding machine fleet:

WeldEye ArcVision module is the solution for you. It is automatically integrated into your welding machines, allowing you to track the production's key figures such as arc-on time, welding parameters, gas consumption, etc. 

Companies using welding procedure SPECIFICATIONS (WPS) in their production: 

WeldEye for Welding Procedure and Qualification Management module is an easy-to-use solution for all companies needing to manage Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) or Welders qualification certificates efficiently in their welding production.

Choose the trial that the best suits your needs

WeldEye ArcVision trial

3-month free trial for users whose Kemppi welding machines* support the native connection to the WeldEye ArcVision module.

The trial license also includes WeldEye’s Welding Procedures module, allowing you to test the digital WPS (dWPS) feature.

*Master M 358 and X5 FastMig with APC wire feeder

WeldEye WPPQ trial

14-day free Welding Procedure and Qualification Management trial for all users using welding procedures and personnel qualifications for their welding production.