Manage your welding production remotely with WeldEye

WeldEye cloud service makes remote welding production management easy.

Ensure smooth welding production from your home office

While companies have adapted to new ways of working, such as remote work, the use of a cloud service in managing welding production has proven especially beneficial. As cloud-based software, WeldEye provides a simple way to monitor and control welding production remotely from your home office. 

  1. WeldEye’s integration APIs to ERP/MES systems enables real-time data flow from one system to another. As welding is documented automatically 24/7, you can always check the up-to-date status of the whole welding production anytime and anywhere you are. Remote welding quality control and project management have never been easier.
  2. Paperless production and digital workflow are WeldEye’s biggest benefits. With a few clicks, you can create and send digital work orders to the WeldEye mobile app. Tasks can be sent to specified welders or welding stations, or they can be picked from the list by anyone. After the welding is finished, all the used parameters have transferred wirelessly to the cloud service and the welder can complete the task on the app. This requires zero physical contact but keeps your welding projects and production moving at all times.
  3. Welders can also easily access and browse their company’s WPS library with their mobile phones. The WeldEye app can be downloaded free of charge to any mobile device with Android 7.0 or newer from Google Play.

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Welding quality control. Management of WPS documents and qualification certificates. Monitoring of arc-on time. Traceability of individual welds. You name it, WeldEye does it.

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