Fleet Management

See the big picture of your production's fleet

Manage all the equipment in your production with one view

For industrial welding, quality is at the core of the operations. Seeing the big picture with a single view increases quality, reduces errors, and helps to manage daily operations.

The WeldEye Fleet Management is an efficient machine registry for managing all welding devices and other equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. It allows you to extend your vision from specific welding machines to the entire equipment fleet – connected or non-connected. The WeldEye Fleet Management completes quality management by providing accurate data on each piece of equipment on-site and helping to see the big picture.

Whether about validations, maintenance, and details of your welding fleet with warranty dates or taken-into-use dates, the Fleet Management registry offers easy and adjustable data and reporting.

The WeldEye Fleet Management also allows equipment inspection by location and site, making it a perfect tool for large multi-site companies. The module is included in the Quality Management package.

See the big picture

• Manage any device regardless of the brand
• Keep up with validations and yearly maintenance tasks
• Receive email reminders for validations and maintenance dates
• Simple and efficient search tools and filters
• Warranty dates for connected Kemppi machines are fetched automatically
• Add validation and maintenance certificates as attachments for each machine
• Import and export machines using Excel
• Connected Kemppi welding machines added automatically

Extend your vision

A top-level quality consists of defect-free and lasting results and accurate work, but also control beyond it all. Take the next step for total control of your fleet.