WeldEye ArcVision – view your basics, tackle your challenges

What is WeldEye ArcVision?

WeldEye has expanded its universal software offering by introducing a brand-new module; WeldEye ArcVision. It offers reliable, accurate and real-time data on:

  • arc time
  • wire feed speed + consumption of wire
  • energy used for welding
  • estimated gas consumption
  • basic welding parameters (voltage + current)
  • welding machine details.

 ArcVision is a simple cloud service for basic data collection, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware – only WI-FI to connect the welding machine to. The things are kept simple for the welder; as ArcVision does not require login for the welder, he can simply focus on what he does best – welding itself.

Data drives actions for improvement

WeldEye ArcVision is a perfect kick-start for any company for managing welding production and gaining valuable insight and control on the daily welding operations. ArcVision collects data that would otherwise require hours of reporting and measuring, and this insight helps to understand the welder’s work and to solve the possible production bottlenecks in a reliable way.

As the dashboard of ArcVision is fully customizable, it allows for focusing on what is needed most, whether it is the big picture or the details on one machine only. WeldEye ArcVision module is also mobile friendly.

Get started with a 3-month trial period

From October 2022 on the new WeldEye ArcVision and the Welding Procedures (WP) module will come integrated for the new MasterM and X5 FastMig Pulse welding machines.  

Accessing the modules is simple and straightforward by either scanning the QR code in the machine’s panel, or via the trial website. Kemppi offers a 3-month initial trial period for free, without limitations on the amounts of users or machines connected.

The ArcVision pricing is based on an annual license fee – keeping it yet as an economical and smart investment that pays itself off by offering valuable insight that helps to improve the daily operations.

Vesa Tiilikka